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Buck Chopper Sic Mosfet Power Module 1200V / 55A SOT-227

ID Code:188039
Tootja:Microchip Technology
Hind km-ga : 66,4162 €
Hind km-ta : 54,8894 €
VAT:21 %
Kättesaadavus:soovi korral
Kokku varud:0 tk
Marking manufacturer: MSC40SM120JCU3
Central warehouse Zdice: 0 tk
Unit:: tk
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KogusHind km-taHind km-ga
1 + 54,8894 €66,4162 €
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25 + 48,0284 €58,1144 €

Basic information:

Marking manufacturerMSC40SM120JCU3 
Type of component:SiC MOSFET Tranzistor 
KategorieFull SiC (MOS-BD+D) 
Configuration:High side 1*(Buck Chopper) 
Specification:!_sic n-channel mosfet_! 
Type of material:!_sic full_! 
Type of casing:MODUL 

Packaging and weight:

Weight:36 [g]
Type of packaging:TUBE 
Small package (Number of units):

Electro-physical parameters:

Udc (URRM, UCEO, Umax) 1200 [V] ?

Udc - definitions for components

Udc = URRM - Diode

Udc = UDRM , URRM - Thyristor

Udc = UCEO - Transistors

Udc = Umax -

Idc max (Tc/Ta=25÷160°C)55 [A] ?

Current at the lowest temperature.
The specifications in the datasheet.

Idc=IF (AV) - Diode

Idc=IT (AV) - Thyristor

Idc=IC max - BJT, IGBT

Idc=ID max - Transistor: FET


Idc max (Tc/Ta=25°C)55 [A]
Idc max (Tc/Ta=80÷89°C)44 [A]
Uisol (@25°C/1min/50Hz)2500 [V]
UF (maximum forward voltage)1.8 [VDC] ?
Test conditions:
Ta=25°C, IF=In/Imax
IR (reverse current)200 [µA]
Pmax with heatsink (TC=25°C)245 [W]
RDS (on) 10V (UGS=10÷15V)50 [mΩ]
trr recovery time (If=Inom.,@25°C)31 [ns]
tr (Turn-on / rise time)30 [ns]
tf/tq (Turn-off / fall time)25 [ns]
Qg (Total Gate Charge)137 [nC]
Cin (Input Capacitance)1990 [pF]

Thermal and mechanical parameters:

Tmin (minimum working temperature)-55 [°C]
Tmax (maximum working temperature)175 [°C]
Rthjc1 IGBT0.61 [°C/W]
Rthjc2 Dioda, Tyristor0.9 [°C/W]
RM - Pitch pins15 [mm]
RM1 - Spacing of rows 12.7 [mm]
Number of Pins
D - Outer diameter 4.1 [mm]
W - Width 25.3 [mm]
L - Length 38.1 [mm]
H - Height 12 [mm]
Rozměry/Velikost (LxWxH)SOT-227 [mm]

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