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I+TO247x4-K30x85=0026 Dp60

Thermal Pads, Suitable for 4x TO-247, Adhesive Wax, Silicone Free

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I+TO247x4-K30x85=0026 Dp60 SEMIC EU
I+TO247x4-K30x85=0026 Dp60 SEMIC EU
ID Code:182343
Hind km-ga : 2,4559 €
Hind km-ta : 2,0296 €
VAT:21 %
Kättesaadavus:soovi korral
Kokku varud:0 tk
Marking manufacturer: L05-K1-30x85mm-L
Central warehouse Zdice: 0 tk
Unit:: tk
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1 + 2,0296 €2,4559 €
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Thermal Pads, Suitable for TO-247, Adhesive Wax, Silicone Free
Dp60-Series is a highly thermally conducting and electrically insulating, silicone free material made in USA. The Kapton® MT polyimide film as a heat conducting and electrically insulating substrate carrier coated phase-change coumpound on both sides thus optimising the thermal path e.g. between electronic packages and heat sinks. Although thermal conductivity value looks as lower, the final thermal resistance is excelent. Material is suitable for thermally demanding applications.

Basic information:

Marking manufacturerL05-K1-30x85mm-L 
Shape:30x85 4xTO247 
Type of material:!_insulating_! 
Material: HousingKapton+Wax (Phase Ch 
Case:!_i+to247 hole*4_! 

Packaging and weight:

Weight:0.09 [g]
Type of packaging:BOX 
Small package (Number of units):100 

Electro-physical parameters:

Uisol (@25°C/1min/50Hz)4200 [V]

Thermal and mechanical parameters:

Tmin (minimum working temperature)-60 [°C]
Tmax (maximum working temperature)140 [°C]
Thermal conductivity0.46 W/m*K
Rth Thermal Impedance0.13 K-in2/W
Rth shape0.0329 K/W
D1 - Inner diameter 3.1 [mm]
W - Width 30 [mm]
L - Length 85 [mm]
T - thickness0.051 [mm]
Dimensions of outlets0.00 [mm]

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